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PUC Minas' sports complex has 9 sports courts, one semi-olympic heated Pool and one children's pool, an official athletics track, an official football field, a laboratory of exercise physiology, Academy Gymnastics Lab, Bodybuilding Academy, Dance room, and Fight Room. 




Created in 1983, the museum has scientific collections of reference of the current and extinct flora and fauna. There are over 130,000 specimens collected in collections of fossils (Paleontology), collections of the current Brazilian mammalian fauna (Mastozoology), birds (Ornithology), reptiles and amphibians (Herpetology), fish (Ichthyology), invertebrate and botanical animals, besides sectors of Archeology, Astronomy and Bioacoustics. 




Altogether, the University counts on ten libraries, spread by the campuses and units, with more than 51 thousand enrolled users and a collection of 324.778 titles of books.











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