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PUC Minas offers many ways for foreign students to enter the University. Besides the official entrance examination (vestibular), students can be transferred from another Higher Education Institution, or participate of exchange programs. Students from developing countries can also be admitted in Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes at PUC Minas through the programs offered by Brazilian government.



International students can participate of an exchange program and study at PUC Minas for one semester or a year. If you are a student in one of our partner universities, please contact the International Office of your home institution to receive more information.

To be eligible for PUC Minas Exchange Program you will need to be nominated via e-mail ( by your home university.

You can find more information about our exchange program below in the PUC Minas Factsheet. To apply for the exchange, you must send us the application form and the required documents, also available below.

PUC Minas Factsheet

Application Form and Instructions for Exchange Students

 If you have any doubts regarding the exchange program admission process, please contact us through the e-mail:


PUC Minas offers many application options for prospective Undergraduate students. Below you can find all the available options and choose the one that better suits you.


  • PUC Minas Entrance Examination

The entrance examination includes eight components: 1) Portuguese Language, Literature & Writing, 2) Foreign Languages - English or Spanish, 3) Geography, 4) History, 5) Math, 6) Biology, 7) Physics, and 8) Chemistry. The test is paper-based, and you can take it every year in November in one of PUC Minas units. To take the test, you'll need to register from October to November. For more information, please access PUC Minas main webpage.


  • Simplified Application

Students can be admitted at PUC Minas by writing an essay. You'll need to register at PUC Minas website and one admission officer will contact you to schedule the date, time and venue for you to write your essay. The admission officers will evaluate your essay, and 48 hours later you will receive the final decision.


  • National High School Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio - ENEM)

Another option to apply to study at PUC Minas is by taking the National High School Exam, which can be taken every year in November. Please click here for more information.


  • Transfer students

The application process for transfer students is determined by a call for applicants published every year on PUC Minas website.


  • Second Undergraduate Degree

The application process for second Undergraduate Degree applicants is permanent, and you can sign up all year rounnd through the Internet (registration system) and the selection of candidates will be done through curriculum analysis. More information can be found at PUC Minas website.


  • Federal Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G)

The Federal Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G) offers higher education opportunities to citizens of developing countries with whom Brazil maintains educational and cultural agreements. PEC-G is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information, visit:


  • Regular Admission

Each Program has its own requirements and criteria.
Access the website of the Program you are interested for more information.


  • Federal Scholaship Programme for Graduate Students (PEC-PG)

PEC-PG offers scholarships for developing country students interested in Masters or Doctorate programs in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). For more information about the PEC-PG Program, send an e-mail to


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