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"One month here and we already are loving this exchange experience. This is a very welcoming university, with high level teachers, who are super receptive and eager to teach. The colleagues are nice and welcomed us well. Every day we learn a lot! We already feel that we are part of here. Look out for your fear and come on this adventure, surely you will not regret it because it is something that will enrich you personally and academically. We are very happy to be able to live this journey."


"I want to thank the people who welcomed me, the people who helped me at the beginning and all throughout the year. Thanks to PUC Minas for receiving us, for helping us choose the subjects for the academic year, for always being there when we need it. Thanks also to the students and friends from the University who were super nice, generous, and patient with us - especially when we arrived in Brazil, and we didn't speak Portuguese. If I could talk to the new exchange students about the classes at PUC Minas and the life in Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais and, more generally, the life in Brazil, I would say "do not worry", because Brazil is a country where life is good. Inevitably, it has some problems, but the Brazilian people (and the people from Minas Gerais even more) are kind and receptive with foreigners.

I arrived in Brazil without speaking Portuguese, without having a room booked, without knowing the country, only knowing how to dance samba (which I learned in France), and slowly Brazil became my second home. I've returned to France with a very open mind, incredible landscapes in my mind, more positive, and with a desire to discover my own country and other countries. I really think that this experience should be compulsory for all students." 
 "My experience in Brazil was amazing, and it was my first exchange program. I met a lot of fantastic people, and I can say that Brazilians are very welcoming and available. Besides Belo Horizonte, I have been in Foz do Iguaçu, Salvador da Bahia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Probably the place that I liked the most was Rio, I don't know why but maybe because of its special landscape of the mountains and the sea... it was very nice. An important thing was that I liked very much the Brazilian food, and I'll miss the "pão de queijo". 
"My experience at this beautiful university has been wonderful. When I arrived I did not speak Portuguese and the professors were always kind to me, they always asked me if I was understanding the classes, and if I didn't they found another way to explain me - sometimes even in English or Spanish. My classmates were also very kind, and I had the confidence to ask when I did not understand something. Sometimes it was stressful not being able to understand or express myself with the ease of doing it in my native language, but slowly I got used to it and adapted. I also became friends with many exchange students and I know that our friendship will last regardless of our places of origin. PUC Minas will always have a very special place in my heart."

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