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Get to know Minas Gerais - The capital

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Igreja da Pampulha - Photo: Inês GomesPraça do Papa - Photo: Alan RodriguesLocated on a privileged site, Belo Horizonte was designed to replace colonial Ouro Preto, former capital of the State. Considered one of the best Brazilian cities to live in, the city is surrounded by the mountains of Serra do Curral and is characterized by the beauty of its architectural complex and its rich artistic and cultural production.

Área: 339,90 km²

Population: 2.375.444 (2010) – The sixth most populous city in Brazil

Grupo Corpo - Photo: José Luiz PederneirasPraça da Liberdade - Photo: Inês Gomes

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Av. Dom José Gaspar, 500 - Coração Eucarístico - Belo Horizonte - MG - CEP 30535-901 - Telefone geral: (31)3319-4444