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The following links are useful for foreign students, faculty and investigators taking part in the international academic exchange programmes of PUC Minas or interested in visiting our University. Some sites are available only in Portuguese.

PUC Minas and the Office of International Affairs have no trade relations whatsoever with the websites listed below and are not responsible for their content.

Portal PUC Minas

• Brazilian representation abroad

 Ministry of External Relations  – Embassies, Consulates and Vice-Consulates
• Register and regulations for foreigners in Brazil

   - Federal Police Department (site in Portuguese)

• Foreign consulates in Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais

   - Diplomatic Corps in the State of Minas Gerais (site in Portuguese)

• Brazilian University Information

   - Portal  Universia Brasil (site in Portuguese)

• Information on Brazil

   - Federative Republic of Brazil
   - EMBRATUR – Brazilian Institute of Tourism

• Information on Minas Gerais

   - Minas Gerais State Government (site in Portuguese)
   - Minas Gerais Tourism Office (site in Portuguese)

• Information on municipalities of Minas Gerais

   - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) – Cities (site in Portuguese)
   - Chamber of Deputies of Minas Gerais - Towns (site in Portuguese)

• Further information on the campi and units towns of PUC Minas

   :: Arcos
      - Arcos City Hall (site in Portuguese)

   :: Belo Horizonte
      - Belo Horizonte City Hall (site in Portuguese)
      - Belotur

   :: Betim
      - Betim City Hall (site in Portuguese)

   :: Contagem
      - Contagem City Hall (site in Portuguese)

   :: Poços de Caldas
      - Poços de Caldas City Hall (site in Portuguese)

   :: Serro
      - Serro City Hall

• Maps

  - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) 
  - National Infra-Structure and Transportation Department (DNIT) – Road Maps (site in Portuguese)

• Air transportation in Brazil

   - Infraero – Brazilian Airports
   - Aeroporto Internacional de Confins - Belo Horizonte 

• Financial rates and currency exchange

   - Central Bank of Brazil

• Weather

   - Clima Tempo (site in Portuguese)




Some Clues

Before travelling to Brazil, you should get some important information that will make your trip a pleasant one and will help you avoid trouble. What follows is a list of some relevant topics. Useful links can be found if you access the search site and digit the suggested Key words.

• Health insurance:

An international health insurance is vital to your trip to Brazil. Insurance companies, health plans and travel agencies in general offer many options of international health care.
Key words: international health care, international travel care, medical assistance to travellers.

• Information on services in Brazil:

Information on Brazil is very important to your stay here. Many sites offer clues on services such as banking, mail, telephone, car rental and tourism. A useful choice is the directory of travel and tourism found in sites.
Key words: information on Brazil, tourism in Brazil, exchange rates, câmbio, traveller cheque, correios, car rental in Brazil, Brazil flights, air tickets for Brazil

• Housing in Brazil:

The commonest form of short-term housing in Brazil is a hotel. The wide range of offers can be accessed in sites with lists of Brazilian hotels. Flats with special prices for longer stays are another option. If you wish to rent a flat or a room in students’ houses, please contact the Office of International Affairs of PUC Minas, as the Internet does not provide updated information on that kind of housing.
Key words: hospedagem no Brasil, Brazilian hotels, hotel reservation in Brazil, flats no Brasil.

• Climate:

The Brazilian climate is predominantly equatorial, with equatorial and sub-tropical areas. Keep informed about the local weather forecast.
Key words: weather, weather forecast.

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