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PUC Minas has campi and units in 7 towns in the State. The main campus is located in the capital, Belo Horizonte, and comprises 3 units and 2 university centres. PUC Minas is also present at:

• Arcos, located in the region of Alto São Francisco, and known as ‘The capital of limestone’, due to the quality of minerals in the region;

• Betim, an industrial town also offering rural tourism, with farms and typical restaurants;

• Contagem, an industrial complex and a municipality with cultural sites and leisure spots with preserved green areas;



Guanhães, one of the economic centres of the centre-northeast region of the State;

Poços de Caldas, a hydro-mineral resort located on the crater of an extinct volcano, with sulphurous waters used for health purposes; and, finally,

Serro, town surrounded by mountains, famous for its exquisite gastronomy.

Study in one of the campi of PUC Minas and get to know Minas Gerais. Come taste some of our culture, history, tourism, nature, gastronomy, hospitality. Venture, have fun, relax. Enjoy Minas Gerais!


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